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Book 3 Chapter 8's title refers to Zhuan Xu.

Origin of the Chapter's Title

The title 多情却似总无情 (duō qíng què sì zǒng wú qíng) is the first line of the poem Parting II (贈 別 之 二) by Du Mu (杜 牧), a major Tang Dynasty poet.

Various translations of 多情却似总无情:

  • Much feeling but seem all without feeling[1]
  • My heart enslaved, yet heartless I appear.[2]
  • With much love

         You act

         As if you care not much.[3]

Full English translation of the poem:

With much love

You act

As if you care not much.

But in front of the cup

Of our farewell feast

You can’t smile.

Even the candle has heart

And feels the sadness

Of our parting.

Sheding its tears for us


The sky gets bright.

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