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Book 3 Chapter 11

Origin of the Chapter's Title

The title 故人心易变 (gù rén xīn yì biàn) is from the poem Magnolia (木兰花) by Nalan Xingde, a famous Qing Dynasty poet.

故人心易变 can be translated as:

  • The heart is easily changed.
  • Capriciousness of human emotions[1]
  • Lover's sentiments are easily altered.[2]

Context of the line in its passage:



If time could stand still at the moment we met, the cold autumn wind would leave the fans unswept.

Before long, your feelings have faltered; lover's sentiments, you said, are easily altered.[3]

Other translations:

If only life were as beautiful as at first sight,

why should the autumn wind bother to pity deserted painted fans?

Frivolously your heart changed,

yet you claimed capriciousness of human emotions.[4]


If love is always as fresh as we met at first sight, I'll not feel so sad as the fans discarded in fall.

Your heart is changing, How can you say I broke my vow.[5]

Chapter Content


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