Lost You Forever / Eternally Yearning For You / Chang Xiang Si / 长相思 Wiki

Book 3 Chapter 1

Origin of the Chapter's Titles

The title 东风恶,欢情薄 is from the poem Phoenix Hairpin (釵頭鳳), also known as Phoenix Pin and Chai Tou Feng, authored Lu You, a prominent poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, when he met his first love and ex-wife by chance after eight years at a garden.

东风恶,欢情薄 can be translated as:

  • But the unkind east winds blew, Swept our affection into cold.[1]
  • Biting east wind, happiness thin[2]
  • Wicked custom, short-lived joy[3]

Context of the line in its passage:

Your beautiful soft hands, 

And my sealed yellow wine, 

Spring painted willow green, shaded all the town walls.

But the unkind east winds blew, 

Swept our affection into cold.

A chest full sorrow chained me, 

How many years separate grief? 

Mistake! Mistake! Mistake![4]

Chapter's Content