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Book 2 Cover

Lost You Forever Book 2's English title is Love You Forever.

Book 1 Chapter 15 foreshadowed the Chinese subtitle of Book 2, 訴衷情 (sù zhōng qíng), which means Telling of the Sorrowful Love.

Origin of the Subtitle

The Chinese subtitle 訴衷情 (sù zhōng qíng) is the name of the poem by Ouyang Xiu.

The poem is about a man missing a woman after they have parted and the sorrow that accompanies as he touches her make-up and retraces the eyebrows he used to draw for her.

訴衷情 can be translated as:

  • Telling of the Sorrowful Love[1]
  • A Recital of a True Heart[2]

Full English translation by Betty Tseng:

Raising of the curtains in the morning as light frost lifted away, 

I warmed my hands to try on her the plum make-up. 

Feeling surrounded in sorrows of parting, 

The brows I drew were long like mountain ranges.

Recollecting bygones and bemoaning loss of time predispose me to suffer pain.

Before she sang she'd prepare herself, when she smile her brows close remain, 

Most heart-rending is when I retrace them.[3]

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