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Jing and Xiao Yao

Chapter 14 of Lost You Forever.

Origin of the Chapter's Title

The title 此情无计可消除 (cǐ qíng wú jì kě xiāo chú) is from the poem A Twig of Plum Blossoms by Li QingZhao, a well-known female poet from the Song Dynasty.

The poem describes her sorrowful rememberance of her husband, Zhao Mingcheng.

This is another instance of Tong Hua using a Song poetry line as a chapter title in Book 1. All Song poem usages deal with separation and longing. For example, Book 1 Chapter 9, and Book 1 Chapter 15, which foreshadows the Chinese subtitle of Book 2.

The various translations of this line are these:

  • I cannot get rid of this sorrow. [1]
  • This sorrow has no means to be eased. [2]
  • This Feeling Has No Stragety to Remove. [3]

The title could refer to Tu Shan Jing and Xiao Yao's vow and longing.

The context of this line can be found in this passage:

As water flows and flowers fall without leaving traces,

One and the same longing overflows two lonely places.

I cannot get rid of this sorrow: 

kept apart from my eyebrows, 

it gnaws my heart.[4]

Another translation of this passage:

Flowers are blown and wilt away, the waters flow and continue along its course,

One same love and yearning, brooding and lamenting in two places (the hearts).

This sorrow has no means to be eased,

Just at the moment it seems to be lightening from my brow, it is weighing upon my heart.[5]

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